Privacy Policy

Protecting Your Privacy
Imaje Events Pty Ltd provides quality corporate entertainment, conferencing, event management and group travel worldwide. We believe in an individual’s right to keep their personal information private and are committed to the responsible handling of all information we collect in compliance with our obligations under the Information Privacy Act 2000 and the 10 Information Privacy Principles.
Collection of Information
Imaje Events Pty Ltd collects and uses limited personal information regarding clients and suppliers. Typically, this information includes only basic contact details and information that is necessary to enable the operation of this business and maintain mutually successful business relationships.
Use and Disclosure
Personal information will only be used for the primary purpose in which it was collected and permitted by the Information Privacy Act 2000. We may use personal information in a variety of ways including:

# Assisting with current and future business
# Forwarding details of events and available services through varying modes of communication
# Maintaining a mutually successful business relationship
# Conducting marketing research
# Updating our records and databases
# Invoicing

Information stored by Imaje Events will not be provided to any other organisations, nor used for any other purposes except when the individual or organisation has consented to the use or disclosure, or when we are required by law.
Unique Identifiers
Imaje Events Pty Ltd may in rare cases need such personal information as Passport Numbers when organising Conferences or Group/Incentive Travel. If collected, this information will only be held while it is needed and with the utmost respect to confidentiality. The collection of any other unique identifiers such as Tax File Numbers, Drivers Licence Numbers or Medicare Numbers will not occur.
Sensitive Information
As prohibited under the Information Privacy Act 2000, under no circumstances is it necessary for Imaje Events Pty Ltd to collect sensitive information like an individual’s racial or ethic background, political views, religious beliefs, sexual preferences, memberships of groups or criminal record.
Access To Your Information
Individuals have the right to seek access to their personal information and make corrections. Every effort will be made to ensure that personal information is kept accurate, complete and up to date and, if necessary individuals may contact us to provide the correct information for our records.
Privacy Concerns
If you have any concerns about a possible interference with privacy, breach of Imaje Events Pty Ltd’s privacy policy or require any clarification on the above policy, please contact Michelle Collins.

If any concerns remain unresolved, the matter can be referred to the Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner.